Amuse Bouche: Grilled Cheese with Truffle Cheese & Rosemary Bread

This isn’t a “recipe”, per se, more an…idea. A discovering of two awesome things that belong together. This, my friends, is the story of how my mom and I made grilled cheese even better. Crazy, you say? Well, read on…

truffle grilled cheese1

It was Thanksgiving weekend. We’d baked and cooked our butts off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And Sunday I made my mom and dad a nice special meal. So by Monday night, we were pooped. Tired of cooking. But then we got to thinking…

truffle grilled cheese3

We had some leftover rosemary olive oil bread, which is possibly the best bread ever. We’d made it for dinner the night before, but didn’t eat the whole loaf. And, we had a giant chunk of truffle cheese she’d picked up at Sam’s (I always get mine from Trader Joe’s). I will pretty much eat ANYTHING with truffles in it. So one of us said, well why don’t we just make grilled cheese?

truffle grilled cheese4

Long story short, we did. And it was amazing. So when she was here in Atlanta a month or two ago, we did it again. This time we used a non-stick skillet instead of a castiron griddle, and instead of slathering the bread with butter we used a drizzle of olive oil.

truffle grilled cheese2

If you’re not familiar with truffle flavor, it’s SO GOOD. One of my favorites. It’s kind of hard to describe, but “earthy” and rich are probably the best I can do. That flavor, combined with the fresh herbs and saltiness of the bread, makes this the best grilled cheese you’ve ever had.gril

So the next time you think grilled cheese, think about taking it up a notch…your belly will thank you!


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