Turkish Red Lentil Soup (Corba)

I’m on the record as stating that soup is not a meal, in and of itself, with very few exceptions.

This is one of them. (My mom’s baked potato soup is basically the only other)

Delicious & easy Turkish red lentil soup, ready in half an hour

I also don’t like lentils usually.  That is, until I went to Istanbul last year and we ate in a Kurdish family’s house and were served corba as an appetizer.  Corba is a hearty red lentil soup, super flavorful and comforting.  When I returned to the States, I started pinning recipes right away so I could try it myself.  I learned that red lentils are very different than the dark ones I’d had before, and didn’t have as many texture issues for me.

I’ve made this recipe a few times, trying to get the texture and flavors just right.  For some weird reason I have issues with it separating a bit (so becoming a little watery), but since I like it better with crushed up crackers in it anyway, I decided to just let that go.  One time I even tore up half a bagel into the soup, and the texture was awesome!

Healthy & easy red lentil soup

One of the great things about this soup is that it comes together really quickly—like half an hour from start to finish.  So you can get home from work, get it simmering, and go about your business until it’s time to blend everything up and serve.  Efficiency FTW!
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Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon

This is going to be kind of epically long, guys. But don’t be scared, because this is totally doable.

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

I’ll tell you a not-so-secret: I don’t like roast or stew. Never have. Growing up in the Midwest, with grandparents who raised cattle, I ate a lot of roast with little potatoes and carrots. Even beer or deer roast on occasion. And it just never did it for me. That’s why I’ve never had that same fascination with Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon that other cooks seem to have. To me looking at it, you put tons of work in and at the end you get…stew??

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon with Wine

My mom came into town a couple weekends ago and brought me, among other things, my new car (my hip wasn’t up to 16 hours in the car), apples and potatoes from my grandma’s garden, and a bunch of new steaks and roasts. As I was poking through recipes, looking for something we could attempt together, I kept coming back to Julia Child’s classic dish. For one, I felt like I had to attempt it just from a “legitimate cook” standpoint, plus I have an unholy fear of raw meat, so I figured my mom could help me trim and cut up the roast. So we decided to give it a go.

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon closeup

What I wasn’t prepared for was how GOOD it was! My house smelled amazing all day, and when we finally got to taste the sauce?? OH MAN. Layers upon layers of rich flavor. This wasn’t just stew or roast, this was beef in awesome sauce. I realize it’s a little more work than a typical roast or stew, but if you’re going to be home all day and can tend to it from time to time, what you get in the end is totally worth it. And there’s wine, so that should be incentive enough… [Read more…]

Perfect winter comfort (Goat Cheese Tomato Soup)

I don’t know if it’s the time change or some of the quite chilly days we’ve had on and off recently, but I am definitely in bear hibernation mode. All I want is to lay on my couch in my pj’s, read a book, and eat carbs. Hot carbs, preferably. I am super craving comfort food, which is not a good sign for how the rest of this winter will go.

But I happened on this recipe on Pinterest, and a couple things intrigued me. First, I loved that it was nice and creamy (I’m not big on completely broth-based soup), but doesn’t actually call for that much heavy cream (which just plain isn’t good for you). Also, the goat cheese was a nice twist and added a cool flavor, while also making it a little heartier than a regular tomato bisque might be.

And the best part? It was super easy and really quite quick—no waiting 3-5 hours while it cooks in a crockpot.

Look at that face. She kept slowly reaching out her paw like, “Please, sir, can I have some more?” Pitiful. [Read more…]

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