Snickerdoodle Zucchini Bread

This bread is the BOMB!

Snickerdoodle zucchini bread...cinnamon-sugar is my kryptonite

Cinnamon-sugar is my kryptonite in general, so it’s no surprise that I was drawn to this recipe.  It’s all the best things about my snickerdoodle bread (which is amazing, but also will make a major dent in your calories for the day), combined with a bit of whole wheat flour and fiber from zucchini.  Make no mistake, this is definitely a breakfast dessert, but it’s now only a bit of splurge rather than a complete diet derail.

Snickerdoodle zucchini bread...plenty of sweet, with a bit of healthy mixed in

The hardest thing is finding the cinnamon chips—if you see them, buy like 6 bags!  (Though this may be part of the scarcity problem…).  I think Hershey’s discontinued theirs, so I’ve been buying them on the Amazon black market, and will need to look elsewhere soon.  Cinnamon chips are seriously the best, and appropriate in all manner of delicious breakfast and dessert recipes.

Snickerdoodle zucchini bread

This was a hit at work.  And I had trouble keeping my hands off it.  I had a piece with my morning espresso, but went back several times throughout the day for another bite.  I probably had three pieces total, one bite at a time! [Read more…]


14 of My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a BIG deal in my family.  I always fly home a day or two before, and stay through the weekend.  I have a big extended family, so my mom and sisters and I (and my aunts) spend the day before baking, cooking, and prepping.  The morning of Thanksgiving is always insane—my mom’s up super early with the turkey, then leaves around 10:30 to get down to my grandma’s.  I get up a little later, go for a run, finish up all the remaining dishes, and head down around noon.

We eat a huge lunch, then graze all afternoon and have leftovers for dinner.  We play football, watch football, play cards, and talk.  Chase the kids around.  We also usually get together Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning for brunch.  It is a LOT of cooking all weekend.

When you’re cooking for a big crowd (anywhere from 25 to 50 in past years; usually around 25-30 these days), there are some realities in the kinds of dishes that make sense.  Anything super time-intensive that doesn’t yield many servings is automatically out.  So these are some of my favorite dishes that I’ve contributed.  There’s no turkey or main dish here, because we always make a couple simple turkeys or turkey breasts.  Nothing fancy, because it’s all about the sides, breads, and desserts.  Hope you enjoy and everyone has a safe, happy (American) Thanksgiving with family and friends!

14 Thanksgiving recipes my family has used for years, tried & true side dishes, desserts, and breads you can use for your Thanksgiving feast #thanksgiving #recipes #familyrecipes

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Cinnamon-sugar magic (Snickerdoodle Bread)

This bread is magical.

I’m not someone who could generally be accused of being a snickerdoodle freak. I like a cinnamon-sugar combo as well as the next person, but I can take or leave the specific snickerdoodle cookie flavor. I might change my mind after having this bread.

snickerdoodle bread finished

The blog I got this recipe from (Lil Luna) warns that the cinnamon chips are usually only in grocery stores during the holidays, so best to stock up on a few bags right now while the getting is good.

snickerdoodle bread finished slice

The other great part about this bread (besides its amazing taste) is that it literally takes five minutes to mix together, then you just pop it in the oven and go about your business! I realized late in the day that the next morning was my “breakfast day” at work and I didn’t have much of an evening to make something, and this turned out to be the perfect option (and I carefully packed the second loaf in my carry-on bag to visit my family the next day!).  [Read more…]

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