Lemon Raspberry Cake with Raspberry Frosting

I want to eat this cake all day, every day.  Lemon + raspberry is a match made in heaven.  Add those to a light, buttery cake and you’ve reached something truly sublime.

Lemon Cake with Raspberry Jam Swirl & Raspberry Icing

When I first made this recipe, it was actually as lemon cupcakes with a raspberry frosting, for my friend Casey’s birthday.  But even as I was making it, I was mentally adapting it into a cake.  Because let’s face it, cupcakes are a pain in the rear.

Lemon Raspberry Cake with Raspberry Frosting

And then as I was making the cake, I had the idea of adding some jam swirled throughout.  1) Because I’m a huge fan of jam, and 2) because it does add a lovely moistness and complement to the lemon.

Jam is my jam.

Lemon Cake with Raspberry Jam Swirl & Raspberry Icing

This dessert is perfect for the winter months, because it tastes of springtime and warm days and lemons are usually plentiful.  But it would be just as appropriate in summer for a light group dessert.  Basically this is a year-round winner.  YOU’RE WELCOME. [Read more…]


Meyer Lemon Syrup Cake with Jam Swirls

I’m on a one-bowl cake train right now due to laziness and lack of time.  Nothing fancy here.

And you know what?  It’s summer and we don’t need fancy.  We need fast, delicious, easy, and having the oven on for only a minimum amount of time.

Easy One Bowl Meyer Lemon Syrup Cake | finding time for cooking

This actually came about because I was at the grocery store (a rare occurrence for me lately) and they had meyer lemons.  I’ve been obsessed with the idea of meyer lemons for a long time, but have never made anything with them or I think even HAD anything with them.  They’ve been on my “to try” list for a while, so I threw them in my cart, not knowing exactly how I planned to use them.

After tons of searching (particularly taking into account the amount of time I could really devote to something), I decided to try this syrup cake.  I’m hit and miss on cake as a dessert, they’re often a bit underwhelming to me, and often dry as well.  I love the idea of the syrup cake because it would keep it much more moist.  The batter also comes together in one bowl, so less dishes and it’s all very fast (about 10 minutes to pull everything together).

Easy One Bowl Meyer Lemon Syrup Cake | finding time for cooking

At the last second, I decided that it needed something extra, so I added some jam swirls to provide a complementary flavor and some extra texture.  I had a jar of apricot jam open, and knew that the sharp, sweet apricot would be a great pairing with the sharp, sweet meyer lemon.  But strawberry or raspberry would be great as well, or you can leave the jam out if you prefer.  This was a hit at work, gone within an hour of putting it out. [Read more…]

One-Bowl Yogurt and Honey Olive Oil Cake

It’s been…quite a while since I’ve baked.  Or cooked.  Or gone grocery shopping, to be honest.  Life’s been a bit nuts.

Easy one-bowl yogurt & honey olive oil cake, flavored with fresh lemon & thyme

And last Sunday I had every intention of actually cooking a real meal that I could use for lunch all week, but as the hours flew by on Sunday I lost all my motivation.  I ended up getting Uber Eats and actually getting to sit and read for a half hour, which was lovely, but then I decided that I needed to bake something to prove that I wasn’t entirely lazy.

Yes, I realize that’s a weird justification, but it was very compelling so I went with it.

Yogurt & Honey Olive Oil Cake with Lemon & bowl, easy cleanup, moist with subtle flavors

The key was, it had to be super easy and fast.  I had just found this recipe on The Kitchn and it checked a lot of boxes for me.  One bowl (and not even the mixer), yay.  Lemon, check.  Add some herbs, check.  Super moist because of the yogurt, check.

Easy one-bowl yogurt & honey olive oil cake, flavored with fresh lemon & thyme

I literally threw it together in about 15 minutes, while a hair deep-conditioning treatment was soaking in.  It was fast, easy, and tasted amazing.  My house smelled divine, and it made for lovely leftovers.

The flavor combination is very subtle (very much my style), and a bit of homemade whipped cream or mascarpone cream provides a great texture counterpoint.  I’m looking forward to taking this base recipe and trying some different flavor combos…I’ve got my eye on orange and rosemary next. [Read more…]

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