How To Cut Up a Butternut Squash (& Roast It)

It’s fall, so you know what that means…

No, I’m not talking about festive Starbucks cups and new fall TV shows.  It means that hundreds of butternut squash recipes are flooding Pinterest.  You’re probably getting seduced by them as we speak.  And then you remember that getting a butternut squash from whole into bite-sized pieces is THE WORST.

Until you know how to do it well.  So that’s where I come in.  I’ve found and refined a way to dismember butternut squash that doesn’t take long, doesn’t kill your hands, and will get you perfect little cubes every time.  Sure, you can sometimes buy it pre-cut (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but you can’t always find it that way plus it gets kind of slimy fairly fast.  Better to have a good back-up.

So let’s dive in, shall we?  There are two main pieces of equipment that you need, and one of them is an actual decent Y-peeler.  I’m in love with my OXO peeler, got it a few years back and now no longer accidentally take off layers of skin when I’m peeling veggies.  It gives you so much more leverage and stability than a regular vertical-bladed peeler.

Begin peeling long, deep strips out of the squash.  You’ll need to overlap your stripes, because it will likely take two tries to get it deep enough.  Butternut squash peel is not messing around. [Read more…]

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