Mom’s Famous Homemade Doughnuts

My mom’s doughnuts are one of those fleeting, kind of mythical things that only comes around once in a blue moon. I’m pretty sure they are my mom’s favorite thing to make, and she only does so like once a year. I love that they’re not insanely sweet (*coughKrispyKremecough*) and actually aren’t horrible for you either. I mean, they’re not zucchini, but they could be worse.

The secret? It isn’t a doughnut recipe at all. It’s a recipe from the Joy of Cooking cookbook from eight million years ago, for panettone (an Italian Christmas treat), and the glaze is made up.

mom donuts donuts glazed2

mom donuts donuts glazed closeup

Is it “donut” or “doughnut”? I’ve literally wondered this since I was a kid.

mom donuts donuts bite

Here’s the other really important thing—you have to eat these right away. Yes, you could eat them as leftovers, but it has been scientifically proven that homemade fried doughnuts are 927% better if eaten within the first 24 hours, and are absolutely best within the first few hours. So consider that permission to devour. [Read more…]

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