Chicken with Creamy Feta Sauce

I just realized that it’s been MONTHS since I brought you a main dish recipe, which is crazy!  So making up for that now with an insanely easy and super delish entree that is great for dinner as well as to pack in your lunch for work all week.

Chicken with Creamy Feta Sauce

(Confession: I made this recipe Sunday evening so I could have awesome, healthy lunches all week long.  And then I ordered Chinese takeout for dinner that night, because I was going to be healthy all week.  Does anyone else do that?)

chicken with creamy feta sauce chives chopped

Don’t be scared by the idea of a feta cheese sauce—it doesn’t taste overwhelmingly of feta specifically, but rather contributes a super creamy, slightly salty, weirdly comforting flavor without owning it.  I’m not the biggest fan of feta, but I am a BIG fan of this sauce. [Read more…]


Pasta with Spinach, Tomato, & Feta

Somehow I totally forgot about this recipe.

Pasta with Spinach, Tomato, & Feta

I started making it in college, and pretty soon it was my standby recipe. I made it at least once a week while I was doing my internship, and later once I moved to Atlanta. Sometimes multiple times a week. It was easy and cheap, came together in the time it took the pasta to cook, and felt kind of fancy. Before I started this blog I basically had a 3-recipe rotation…

pasta with spinach tomato & feta tomatoes cooking

Then somehow I totally forgot about it once I started trying out lots of recipes for this site. But when I was at the grocery store last weekend trying to figure out what to do for dinner (since my Kroger was totally out of avocados, which I’d kind of needed), I saw these beautiful heirloom tomatoes and this recipe popped into my mind. It’s very forgiving, the veggie amounts aren’t super exact and neither is the feta amount. You could substitute kale for spinach, though it definitely would change the texture a little. I recommend this for a night where you just need something on the table fast, and want fresh, healthy ingredients. [Read more…]

Frittata with Beets, Leeks, & Feta

Sometimes you just need to go back to basics.

A few (very insane) weeks ago I was still figuring out how to do things for myself after my surgery, just coming back to work (officially) full-time, rehabbing, and getting ready to head out of town for over a week. In short, I was pretty dang tired and feeling very “meh” about cooking or anything else that required even an iota of non-essential energy.

Beet Leek & Feta Fritatta

But I was also trying to get back to a normal life, including eating a lot healthier. While I was recovering from the surgery, convenience became a huge focus, so I ate a lot of Kashi pizzas, rotisserie chicken, and packaged ravioli. Not terrible, but not great either. So I told myself that ordering Thai food wasn’t an option and tried to find the next-easiest thing. That’s when I thought about a frittata.

The thing is, they feel kind of fancy, but they’re so simple. And you can make them out of almost anything. Seriously. Dump a bunch of leftovers in there, it’ll be great. I made it with leftover mac & cheese once, and it was awesome.

Beet Leek & Feta Fritatta closeup

Honestly, the only thing I had to actually pick up at the grocery store that Sunday was the beet and the leek, because I wanted to try something a little different. You may remember the frittata with goat cheese, sweet potato, kale, and red pepper, wherein the diced sweet potato and leek kind of caramelized on the bottom of the pan, forming a delicious crust. I’ve been meaning to try cooking with beets, so figured this was a great opportunity. But I had spinach in the fridge, a little bit of leftover feta sitting around, eggs, and cheese. What more do you need??

beet leek feta frittata beet

The beet was interesting in the frittata. One thing I didn’t anticipate was that it’s a little more watery than a sweet potato (so not as much caramelization), so I should have maybe patted the diced beets dry before cooking. Or even maybe roasted them. My first choice would have been a golden beet, but all they had was red (which stains everything). It was still great, and a nicely-different flavor combination. [Read more…]

Caramelized Onion, Spinach, & Olive Oil Quick Bread

I went on a massive bread-baking stint last year and tried all manner of yeast breads and quick breads. I think I kind of overdid it, so I’ve avoided making bread for several months now. But a couple weekends ago I was recuperating from a really long week, getting ready to head out of town, and wanted to make a semi-healthy meal. I settled on a frittata since it’s easy, so figured I could whip up something a little out of the ordinary as well. That’s where this bread came in.

Spinach Caramelized Onion Bread

This bread got rave reviews from my co-workers, despite the its slight over-saltiness (yeeeeeah…I may have accidentally added too much salt)!

Spinach Caramelized Onion Bread finished

It’s a great complement to any meal, but particularly something that could be a little bare on its own (like the beet and feta frittata I made with it). It was moist and satisfying, with a great subtle flavor.

Spinach Caramelized Onion Bread slice

It would also be awesome for Thanksgiving, as something to nibble on in the afternoon when you’re less stuffed than you were but not ready to commit to dinner yet. [Read more…]

Kale & Quinoa Salad with Feta & Pecans

Healthy fooooooood!

That’s right, after biscuits, creamy chicken pasta, and more pasta (con pesto), I bring you this deeeelicious fiber-full, protein-stuffed gem.

kale quinoa salad finished

I know, you think I’m insane and that weird green leafy thing with the little sprinkling of grain doesn’t look remotely appetizing. But that’s where you’re wrong! It is sweet and salty and crunchy and chewy and super filling. Give it a try. Go on.

kale quinoa salad kale leaves

We’ve already discussed my love of kale. If you don’t share that love…well, you’re wrong. But I forgive you. Just give it a few chances—it just has to be prepared correctly.

kale quinoa salad kale leaves torn

[Read more…]

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