Quick No-Knead Bread

One of these days I’m going to put together a whole list of bread recipes and how long they take from start to finish—that way, when you want to make bread but only have, say, two hours, you’ll know which ones you can choose from and which ones have to rise overnight and are out of the question. Because every time I’m browsing bread recipes, I fall in love with one, and then realize that it has to rise for 12 hours before baking. Baking fail.

This one falls somewhere in the middle, at about 4-5 hours.

no knead bread finished

I hadn’t tried a nice, simple artisan bread in a long time, only soda breads and the like. So it was nice to smell the yeast doing its thing, see it rise all puffy and wet, and get golden and crusty after baking. There’s a sense of accomplishment in that, not to mention how tasty it is!
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Crusty Artisan Bread Variation

Apparently, without realizing it, I’m on a quest to find the best artisan bread recipe. I guess it’s because bread baking is so new to me, and I’m still kind of giddy about how easy it really is. So I present to you yet another option for easy homemade bread.

Making the bread itself is ridiculously fast and easy—literally five minutes to make the dough. The biggest thing to note here is the long rising time—12 to 18 hours. So basically you want to make up the dough at night and then bake it the next day.

To add some extra fiber and whole grain goodness, I did substitute some whole wheat flour, but that’s entirely up to you.

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Fancypants bread (Artisan Bread with Lemon, Rosemary, & Irish Cheddar)

This is one of the “fancy” takes on a basic artisan bread recipe I found on Pinterest (link at the bottom). My mom thought it sounded great when she came to visit, so we gave it a try. And, I can say that while this wasn’t as much my cup of tea, it got RAVE reviews from my co-workers the next day.

I wanted to try this recipe because I’m still trying out different bread recipes, so wanted to see how this turned out. And the flavor combination was really intriguing as well—what’s not to like?!

It also made me realize how badly I need to invest in some good knives. Chopping rosemary shouldn’t be so hard…my mom had to work hard!

I’ve apparently been on a huge lemon kick, between the cheesecake, this, and the lemon/goat cheese pasta I made that weekend (post pending). But it’s just such a great, versatile flavor.

And together it looks like some country’s flag. A country founded on deliciousness.

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Woo them with carbs (5-Minute Artisan French Bread)

I have always had a rocky relationship with yeast. Like, you know when you see a couple making fun of each other in public in a way that’s not cute teasing but legitimately uncomfortable and you just kind of stand there and think, “man, am I uncomfortable!”? That’s my relationship with yeast in a nutshell.  The few times I’ve tried to make something with yeast, it’s made me feel like a failure in public, and made me skittish about going out with it again.

But fear no more!

When I saw some recipes for five-minute a day artisan bread, easy homemade french bread, etc., I was really skeptical. Bread, in my experience, is anything but easy and fast. But this stuff is the real deal, and I can see myself making it over and over. Full disclosure—five minutes refers to the actual hands-on time per day, but it’s still really easy overall.

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