Health/Fitness Challenge Ideas—and an awesome slow cooker giveaway!

Update:  Congrats to Bhamra! The SlimKicker team loved the idea of getting off a stop early on your commute as a way to stay healthy and get more exercise.

Okay, guys, we’re going to try something I haven’t done before and see how it works. I definitely want to hear your thoughts on if you like this, if you find it helpful, that kind of thing. I recently spoke with the folks at SlimKicker, an app created to make healthy living (diet, exercise, mental, etc.) fun, accountable, and easier to manage. They’re trying to get the word out about the app and get people to try it, as well as get ideas on new content and challenges. No, I’m not getting paid to talk about it, but they have kindly offered a great giveaway to the winner—a beautiful slow cooker.

slow cooker

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