Updated Recipe Re-Post: Best Soft Molasses Cookies Ever

These are probably the best cookie ever made.  Science can surely substantiate that, right?

They’ve been made by my family ever since I can remember, but I don’t know if we’re sure where the recipe came from initially.  These cookies have crispy outsides, chewy and soft insides, and just an explosion of flavor that’s definitely ginger-y, but not overwhelmingly so—rather than the bite of a ginger snap, they’re mellowed out by the cloves and cinnamon to a perfect spice combination.

Soft, Chewy Molasses Cookies

The reason I’m re-posting this recipe is that…

  1. It was one of the first recipes I posted, so I’m not sure that anyone actually saw it
  2. They’re the actual best
  3. I hadn’t made them in ages (probably at least a year or two) because, ever since we stopped using butter-flavored Crisco (due to health and partially-hydrogenated oils and blah blah), they just hadn’t come out right for me with butter or coconut oil or vegetable oil or whatever. But my mom recently tested out some organic shortening and it’s made all the difference here
  4. They’re the actual best

So, here’s the link to the original recipe, which I’ve updated slightly since my shortening discoveries. Note, you may need to play around with the flour amounts a little—don’t add it all to start, but see what the dough feels like. For me, because my oven’s been tricky lately, I took the temperature down to 340 F and baked for less time, but it also took less flour than usual. Chilling the dough a little doesn’t hurt either.

Full recipe for the best, softest, chewiest molasses cookies ever here…


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