Meals in 30 Minutes or Less…for the Time-Challenged Cook

Sometimes you have to throw something on the table FAST. In times like these you don’t always have to resort to frozen pre-made food or scrambled eggs—there are tons of great recipes that you can whip up in half an hour from start to finish (though pancakes, waffles, and other “breakfast for dinner” options are never wrong). I put this page together for just such an occasion. Many times these recipes (particularly frittatas) were born out of desperation and whatever was in my fridge, so there are always options! Bookmark it for when you need it.

Recipes to Make in 30 Minutes or Less

I didn’t include a second subset of recipes, those that require cooked and cooled grains like quinoa or most of my baked pasta recipes—these all take around an hour from start to finish, so still totally doable. Look through the Main Dishes and Side Dishes tabs for these.

Bartok says ‘hi’. Because it felt weird to have a page without any pictures…

bartok cuddle


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