Travel Postcard: Las Vegas!

So, in general, Vegas isn’t really my thing. I’m not a gambler, I’m too cheap to drop a couple hundred bucks on a show, I’m not a raging partier, and I’m not big on crowds.

I do, however, LOVE sun and food…and Vegas has both in spades.


Getting ready for a nice dinner!

Bree and I made sure to have a couple great meals while we were in town, so I’ve included below in case you have a trip coming up and would like recommendations. The first was at Terra Verde, an Italian place in our resort (Green Valley Ranch).

terra verde caprese

We started with this delicious caprese salad. The burrata, in particular, was awesome!

terra verde truffle risotto

And then of course I had to have the wild mushroom and truffle risotto—great texture and a really interesting flavor. That’s what’s really interesting about truffles, it always seems to have a different flavor depending on where it came from, rather like honey.

terra verde ravioli

And Bree had these lovely spinach & ricotta ravioli, sauteed in brown butter. A wonderful Sabbath evening meal!

For our second outing, Bree really wanted to go to Culinary Dropout, a restaurant concept that started in Phoenix and is in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas (let me tell you, that is some excellent people watching).

culinary dropout pretzels

culinary dropout pretzels2

We started with one of the dishes they’re known for, soft pretzels with provolone fondue with sea salt. SO GOOD! Also heavy, so I definitely didn’t need something heavy for my main course.

culinary dropout corn canelloni

culinary dropout corn canelloni2

When I first looked at the menu, the first thing that jumped out at me was the sweet corn cannelloni, with smoked onions, asparagus, and tomato. I decided to go with that, and definitely didn’t regret it. The flavors were super interesting and played together really well. The corn filling was a perfect light summer taste.

culinary dropout cocktail

And they’re known for cool cocktails. I went with the Persuasion…Martin Miller gin, yuzu, honey syrup, and zipang sparkling sake. Garnished with some thyme and lemon peel, super refreshing & light. Amazeballs!


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