Food Travel Postcard: Motovun, Croatia

Dobar dan from Croatia!

Okay, truth is I’m actually already home again, but I already posted on one of my two absolute favorite meals while I was on my two-and-a-half-week European adventure, so I thought it only fair to post on the other one.

And—shocker—it features the legendary talents of the heavenly black truffle!

For much more on my Motovun and northern Croatian adventures:

Motovun: Croatia’s Quintessential Hill Town

Exploring the Hill Towns of Northern Croatia

We spent a day driving around inner Istria, in northern Croatia. It’s a peninsula that is much like Tuscany, full of vineyards, agriculture, adorable old hilltop towns, and truffles. Our last stop of the day before heading back to Rovinj was Motovun, a suitably picturesque town complete with an old wall and tower.

The restaurant was actually in the inner gate wall, tucked underneath. We were ravenous at this point, and I knew there was no question that I was having something with truffles. When a black truffle risotto showed up on the menu, I was sold. We also ordered their house-made Teran wine, which was unique and delicious.

This risotto is seriously one of the best things I’ve eaten. Earthy, creamy, with a good crunch from the rice. Absolutely awesome.

View from the city wall.

We drove away with full bellies and this beautiful twilight view of Motovun!


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