Great last-second dinner (Kashi Frozen Pizzas)

Weekdays are long. I mean, really long. As much as I love cooking, it just plain doesn’t happen most weeknights. And since I don’t want to live on takeout and cereal all the time, I’ve found a few great weeknight pre-made meal options that are delicious and not quite as bad for you as some of the others. Behold, the Kashi frozen pizza.

I’ve tried several different kinds, but my two favorite (by FAR) are the roasted vegetable and the Mediterranean. They bake in 8-10 minutes, and are a great standby for those nights when you get home from work at 8:00 and feel like your stomach is eating itself.

An entire pizza (which, let’s face it, I eat) is about 750 calories, over half your daily fiber allotment, almost 60% of your daily protein, and full of veggies and whole grains. The only things you need to watch out for are saturated fat and sodium intake–about 60% and 70%, respectively, of your daily needs. Since my regular diet doesn’t have tons of these, I don’t worry about it on a once-a-week basis.

Plus, you get a few good servings of veggies, which can be a struggle on any given day. Mostly a win all around!


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