Currently Obsessed With: Chobani lemon flavor 0% Greek yogurt

I’ve always loved yogurt but I tend to go through phases of eating way too much, followed by dry spells. This is particularly true since I love Greek yogurt, but don’t love how much the Fage brand has always cost. However, I’ve recently gotten back in the groove because of all the new Greek yogurt brands popping up for more reasonable prices. I’ve tried a lot of them–Voskos, Oikos, Trader Joes, Fage, etc.—and have had mixed results. Some of them are really high in sugar or other non-natural ingredients, some have lots of calories, etc. You have to really look carefully at the label to see what you’re getting & determine if it’s what you want.

I just discovered Chobani, though, and mostly I’m hooked. I can usually get them 3 for $4 at Publix or Kroger (which is a little better than the $1.70 per Fage), I like the flavors, I like that for most of them the fruit isn’t already mixed in, and the ingredients list is pretty legit. And best of all is the lemon flavor.

I don’t tend to like lemon yogurt as much (though I love pretty much all other things “lemon”), but this stuff is party-in-your-mouth awesome. You can see the lemon pulp swimming around in it, and it lacks that weird cloying fake-tasting sweetness that other lemon yogurts I’ve had display.

It tastes fresh and tart, like someone mixed in some lemon zest just a minute ago. Full of protein, limited sugar (18g and that includes the natural sugars from the milk—and the only added sugar is cane juice), and only 140 calories. I keep a couple in the fridge at work for a late afternoon snack on those 13-hour workdays.

Also, I haven’t tried all the flavors yet but I can also vouch that the blood orange flavor is awesome (and that one’s fruit at the bottom).

I bet this would also be great mixed in with some pasta, maybe peas and mint and tuna to match up with the lemon…will definitely have to try this!


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