I know, the world doesn’t need another cooking/food blog

That’s why I held off doing this for so long, honestly.  I don’t have anything new or earth-shattering to add in this respect.  Like many people, I love cooking & baking, particularly for large groups.  But I find it challenging to find the time for it in my busy schedule, accomplish more complicated recipes in my tiny apartment kitchen–seriously, I have like one square foot of counter space–and accommodate new recipe ingredients in my budget despite rising food costs for one person.  But then I got peer-pressured into Pinterest, which has pulled me into a time-suck vortex renewed my interest in trying new recipes and reminded me just how much I love food photography.

So we’ll give this a try.  I’ll be trying out recipes I’ve seen or saved from Pinterest, magazines, or other food blogs (Pioneer Woman is a favorite), and including my successes, failures, and suggestions.  I’ll also be posting old family secret recipes, photos of awesome food I’ve had, meals I’ve tried at new restaurants, cool food I find as I travel, and anything else food-related that strikes my fancy.  And hopefully this will force me to try new recipes more often.  So here goes…

Heart potato chip = lucky blogging?



  1. Howdy! I just recently discovered your site and I have to say I really like it!! I will come back soon. 🙂


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